Privacy Statement: Oxford Community Work Agency

Privacy Statement – Introduction. 
Contact and further information. 
Whose personal data does Oxford Community Work Agency collect and work with?. 
Things that apply to all our processing of personal data. 
What are my rights?
Security and measures to protect personal data, including secure disposal 
Payment by credit or debit card. 
How can I complain?
What about personal data transferred to other countries?
People getting advice, information and support from Oxford community Work Agency and those connected with them.. 
Supporters, donors and individuals involved in our campaigning and policy work. 
Purchasers of Oxford Community Work Agency services or products 
Our volunteers, trustees and patrons 
People representing Partner organisations, funders and other stakeholders relevant to our work, including our suppliers 
Our employees and others undertaking paid work on our behalf 
People visiting our website and interacting with us on social media. 
Children and young people. 
Changes to this Privacy  Statement and our Privacy Policy. 

Privacy Statement – Introduction

Protecting personal information and being transparent about how we use it is important to Oxford community Work Agency [hereby known as OCWA].  It is core to how we build and maintain trust in our work: the trust people place in us when they approach us for advice and support, and the trust placed in us by people involved in resourcing and delivering our work, including donors, volunteers, funders, partners, employees,
suppliers and other stakeholders.

This statement explains how we gather and use personal information, depending on your relationship with OCWA and how the personal information is stored and transmitted.  For more information on data protection and your rights as an individual, see

When you interact with OCWA, we will communicate how we collect and work with your personal information in various ways.  Such communications are underpinned by this privacy statement.  We want to make it
easy for you to find out more, and for you to exercise your rights.  

Please take the time to read this privacy statement: as an organisation that gives advice, we think it is important for people to understand how their personal information is used by organisations and what their rights are.  If you are short of time, look first at the things that apply to all personal data collected and used by OCWA, and then at the sections that apply to your particular relationship(s) with OCWA.

Contact and further information

OCWA Oxford Community Work Agency are a registered charity and company limited by Guarantee. Company 
registration number: 01785651, Date
of registration: 24/01/1984, VAT registration
number: 479 2984 78, 

Charity number: 1049343.

OCWA has been working with Oxfordshire clients and other service providers for over 30 years.We have a team of staff who are vastly experienced at working with all ages and vulnerable groups of people. OCWA are committed to providing equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice as per our organisation’s policies.OCWA has a specialist welfare benefits service (Oxfordshire Welfare Rights) that provides a telephone consultancy service to other statutory and voluntary sector organisations. It accepts referrals for specialist
casework, including appeals and representation at tribunal or court hearings. It also provides a programme of training courses and seminars.

OCWA also provides, through the Barton Advice Centre (currently funded through Oxford City Council), a generalist telephone advice service and face-to-face advice directly to the public on issues including family
matters, housing, employment and community care, in addition to providing specialist advice and casework in welfare benefits and debt. This service signposts or refers clients to other services when appropriate.

OCWAs accounts and annual report can be found on our website at 
Oxford Community Work Agency are registered on the Data Protection Register with the Information Commissioners. Our registration number is: Z7242012.

For all enquiries related to data protection and privacy, including your rights under data protection legislation, please contact: [The Manager either by email on, by phone on 01865 744165 or alternatively in writing to Oxford Community Work Agency, Barton Neighbourhood Centre, Underhill Circus, Barton, Oxford, OX3 9LS.

When exercising your rights, it may be necessary for us to verify your identity before we can respond: this is to protect your personal data and confidential information.  We may request a number of security details such as your address, contact details, date of birth or National Insurance number.

Whose personal data does OCWA collect and work with?        
  • People getting advice, information and support from OCWA and those connected with them
  • Children
  • Supporters, donors and individuals involved in our fundraising, campaigning and policy work
  • Purchasers of OCWA’s services or products, such as training or consultancy to other local organisations
  • Our volunteers, trustees and other supporters
  • People representing partner organisations, funders and other stakeholders relevant to our work, including our suppliers
  • Our employees and others working on our behalf

Oxfordshire Community Work Agency

A Company limited by Guarantee and Registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 1785651 Registered Office as above. Charity Reg. No. 1049343

Principal funders: Oxford City Council. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No.675533

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