Our employees and others undertaking paid work on our behalf

Why do we collect and use personal data?

We collect and use personal data to engage with you as an employee, worker, self-employed person or contractor in relation to the work you undertake in these roles, including associated recruitment and selection processes.  We collect and use personal data to fulfil our responsibilities as an employer, and for management and administrative purposes including personnel and HR functions, the supervision and monitoring of work, safeguarding, conflicts of interest, seeking your feedback, dealing with complaints, to further the charitable aims of OCWA and the legitimate interests of those we support.

How do we justify this according to data protection legislation?

Our lawful bases for processing this data include our legitimate interests as an employer and charity and the legitimate interests of our beneficiaries.  These legitimate interests include: ensuring that OCWA operates effectively and efficiently; monitoring OCWA’s activities to protect the organisation against fraud, money laundering, conflicts of interest and other risks.  We also process personal data on the basis of our legal obligations, for example complying with accounting and reporting requirements as an employer, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.  We process some personal data on the basis of the contracts OCWA has with you that relate to your employment or work at OCWA. We also process some personal data based on your consent, including your consent to receive direct marketing communications.

What kinds of personal data do we collect and use and where we do get them from?

We collect and use personal data during the course of your work for OCWA, including: recruitment and selection records; use of OCWA computer and communication systems and cloud-based services; time recording personnel and HR records, including those related to disability, health, performance and supervision; and other personal data required in order to contract with you, including personal data related to your right to work in the UK and financial details to enable us to make payments to you. Some of your personal data may be sourced from recruitment agencies and publicly-available sources during recruitment and selection processes. We collect sensitive personal data, in some cases including personal data relating to criminal offences and convictions, and personal data processed in relation to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. We will also process data to enable us to fulfil our duty of care to you as an employee, worker, self-employed person or contractor, for example, information about any particular health, access or communication needs.

Who might your personal data be shared with?

We will share your data with other organisations and individuals to comply with our legal obligations.  We will also share your data with organisations that undertake data processing on our behalf, including HR and personnel functions such as payroll administration. In some circumstances we may need to share your personal data to further the legitimate interests of OCWA and OCWA’s beneficiaries, for example in situations where you are representing a client at tribunal or where you are undertaking work that requires interaction with third party organisations.

How long do we keep personal data for?

We keep the following types of personal data for at least six years since the date of the last record: accident books and records; accounting records; income tax and National Insurance returns, correspondence with HMRC; records of notifiable events in relation to retirement benefit schemes; maternity pay records; wage and salary records; and working time records.

Certain types of record will be kept for longer periods, including records related to pension schemes and pensioners, which will be kept for 12 years from the date pension benefits cease, and records related to parental leave, which will be kept for 18 years from the birth of the child. Certain types of records will be kept permanently, including: health and safety assessments and consultations; and senior executive records.

We keep application forms and interview notes for unsuccessful job applicants for 12 months. Records of successful job applicants will be transferred to their personnel file.

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